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Moving The Easy Way

Two Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Rented Storage Space

by Kyle Hamilton

Whatever the reason you decide to rent a storage space to keep your items, you should try to make the most of the space and keep your items safe and protected. Here are two tips to help you accomplish this with your rented space.

Organize the Space Well

The first way to help you get the most out of your storage unit is to have a organization system for the items in your unit. When you fill it with your extra boxes and other household items, store like-items together. This includes stacking all your boxes in an area and placing furniture and similar bulky items together. Then, label your boxes well by placing large, easy-to-read labels on the outside of your containers indicating what is inside each box.

Next, make sure you use all the same-sized boxes or plastic containers. If you don't want to buy them or have the funds to purchase plastic lidded tubs to hold your items, you can acquire boxes of the same size for free from a retail store. For example, a grocery store may have a large quantity of used produce boxes that are all the same size, which would be perfect for storing items and stacking them to maximize your storage space. Because all the boxes will be the same size and shape, you don't have to try to make your boxes fit together like puzzle pieces or worry about them becoming wobbly and unsteady.

If you are storing items to free up space in your home, use a one-year rule to help you declutter and get rid of unneeded items. Label each box with the month and year you placed it into the storage along with the boxes' contents. After one year, if you did not need the items that were stored inside the box, donate the contents to a local donation center. 

Keep Out Pests

While you are storing your items inside the storage unit, it is important to keep it free of pests. Even though the storage unit is kept locked, you may still encounter intruders such as mice, cockroaches, and other pests leaving droppings and making nests in your items.

To help keep your items free from damage caused by them, it is recommended to not keep any food items or scented items, such as candles and potpourri in your storage unit. Scented items can attract pests into your storage space. Cockroaches will eat any paper items in your storage, so try to store books, documents, and other papers inside plastic lidded bins. 

Keep upholstered furniture wrapped in a plastic storage wrap to help keep it free of pests. Then, place some rodent bait or traps around the exterior of your unit to trap or kill rodents and keep them from living in your items.

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