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I have never been one of those people who is naturally inclined to stay organized, but a few months ago I realized that I would need those skills if I was going to move successfully. I started focusing heavily on moving in an organized manner, and I started by getting rid of all of my belongings that I knew I wouldn't need. It took a lot of work, but by the time I cleaned things out, I knew that moving would be a snap. This blog is all about moving the easy way, leaving the mess behind, and being able to enjoy the journey.

Moving The Easy Way

Keep Your Movers Safe On The Job With These Tips

by Kyle Hamilton

Hiring local moving companies will dramatically speed up the progress of your move, but you want to be sure that everyone ends the day just as healthy as they began it. Minimizing the risk of injuries on the job is important — not only do you want to have your moving day go quickly and easily, but you also don't want to be responsible for one of the movers getting hurt. While you can't technically eliminate all risks, you can take several steps to make the day safer for your professional helpers. Here are three tips that you should keep in mind.

Take A Quick Hazard Tour

When the moving crew arrives at your home, you might be eager for everyone to get down to business. It's worthwhile, however, to take just a few minutes to lead the movers through your home with the goal of pointing out any potential hazards that may otherwise go unnoticed until they result in an injury. For example, you might point out where the ceiling above the basement staircase is a little lower than it looks, or a small step down into the living room that might not initially be apparent. By taking the crew through your home with this goal, you'll get everyone acclimatized to any potential hazards.

Label Heavy Boxes

Back injuries can be common on moving day, and one way that movers can potentially hurt their backs is by lifting boxes that are heavier than expected. When you go through your home to pack up your possessions, take note of the boxes that are on the heavier side. For example, boxes that contain books will typically be extremely heavy, but the contents of such boxes won't be evident. Just as you might be taking care to label the boxes that contain fragile items, you should also write "Heavy" in large letters on any boxes that are heavy.

Provide Plenty Of Hydration

Another way that your movers could get hurt helping you is through muscle cramps. Although perhaps not as serious as a fall or a strained back, muscle cramps can be highly unpleasant and can slow down a mover's progress. One potential cause of muscle cramps is dehydration, which is a threat if a mover is sweating heavily. To combat this risk, keep plenty of bottles of water available for the movers. If it's hot outside, placing the bottles with some ice inside a cooler will provide a cold treat to bolster each mover's hydration.